Hydraulic Fracturing "Fracking"

My position on hydraulic fracturing is to listen to Oklahomans and the science, both of which are loud and clear: injection well dumping of frac wastewater is hurting Oklahomans. Whether your concerns fall under earthquakes, the economy, or the environment, we need to consider the impact of fracking on our state.

As a Commissioner, I will advocate to ban interstate dumping of frac wastewater (dumping frac wastewater into Oklahoma from other states) and make moves to reduce and eventually eliminate the number of injection wells we have in Oklahoma.

Wind & Solar

With cities like Norman committing to 100% clean energy, it seems the transition to wind & solar is inevitable - all signs point to renewable energy being the wave of the future. The harsh regulations currently imposed against wind and solar aren't just harmful for the environment, they also hurt Oklahomans who are seeking to produce their own form of sustainable energy. Wind energy creates jobs and is good for rural communities. As a proud member of the #ReadyFor100 campaign that was successful in Norman, I will continue to advocate for pathways to open up for renewable energy sources.

Utility Rate Adjustments

As a member of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, I will advocate on behalf of Oklahoman citizens for a utility rate adjustment for all rate-payers. It is the mandate of the OCC to protect Oklahomans from corporations that are necessary to everyday living and it shouldn't be the case that utility companies monopolizing the industry are positioned to exploit our state's citizens.

Communications Technology Access

As a Commissioner, I will advocate for our rural communities to gain better access to communications technologies that urban Oklahomans are able to benefit from. As outside forces continue to threaten our citizens' access to effective and reliable communication services, I am a staunch supporter of net neutrality.

Communities - Commission - Corporations

No one likes eminent domain, pipeline bursts, or oil spills in their backyard. It simply shouldn't be the case that Oklahomans are exploited and left powerless to protect their property from large corporations seeking to profit from extracting resources. It is the mandate of the Corporation Commission to advocate on behalf of Oklahomans who are impacted by industry. Communities should be able to participate in decision making from the outset of proposed projects and it should be a requirement that corporations gain full and informed consent from the communities directly impacted before oil and gas projects receive the go ahead from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

Along with full-scope EIS, it is important for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to engage in government-to-government relationships with Oklahoma's 39 federally recognized tribes sharing jurisdiction in the state. Tribal sovereignty is good for everyone, not just tribal citizens. For instance, some Oklahoma tribes have already passed legislation in their respective governments to regulate within their jurisdictions. This makes our job easier at the Corporation Commission and helps us conserve resources that can be prioritized for other regions of the state.